All in house candles are spells and most come with a written blessing, visualization or spell.
Candles are designed and  Spell cast in house by T.D.C. Priests and Priestesses using the finest all natural  refined  fragrance and essential oil blends that are free from lead carcinogens, reproductive toxins, phthalate and other potentially hazardous chemicals that are often found in fragrances. We  use only high grade soy wax, beeswax  and coconut wax, color dyes & blocks that actually hold & throw fragrance. Using only wooden or cotton wicks that are lead and zinc free assuring a candle that holds a long lasting burn time, proper lighting and sustainable aromatherapy
All in house figure candles are a complex pour of a highly detailed artisan quality molds . All figure candles take three days to pour, cure and then be trimmed and detailed please order ahead of time.

They are priced out fairly according to creative process, materials used, labor & time, complexity of creation and Spells cast. Each candle is a spell itself imbued with Magickal energies, wards & charms.
Some candles in the collection are theme based  and are a one time limited  pour. If you would like a custom candle made please feel free to contact us.
Working with the spirit of the oils and wax it is Blended Hand Poured, Blessed & Charged on our in house altar and are cured and stored properly in our Magickal Pantry with love & light!