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The Devine Craft offers a full range of divination  and spiritual guidance. We provide Tarot & Oracle Card, Rune Stone Crystal Ball and Scrying. Our readers are adept in many forms of divination  and are lover's of Tarot.

They have a deep connection with the Divine and work together with the energies of Elements, The Faerie and Spirit realms Earth Sun  & Moon. All our readers bring shamanic practices Moon and Astrological events to give you the best guidance possible. Please explore our readers biographies and schedules below. Be sure to check out our Psychic Services Page to schedule your type of  read today.

Reader Biographies


Witch,Pagan,High Priest, Wicca, Reiki Master, Witchcraft Instructor

Ravenwind Pendragon (Kevin McNerney)  Is a  Third Degree High Priest of Wicca, Certified Level 3 Reiki Master and Instructor, an Ordained Minister by Universal Life Church Monastery  as well as  certified intuitive counselor by award winning author Tess Whitehurst in Divine Resonance Magic.
An intuitive rootworker and Herbalist using his knowledge of herbs and herbals and connection with Spirit, The Divine Feminine and Masculine, Nature and the Element's. Channeling Deity, Arch Angels, Mystical guides & Spirit Ancestors that he has  established throughout his years of practice  of Wicca in the European, Faerie, North American and Western Occultism, New Orleans Voodoo, Brujeria and Santeria New Mexico and Arizonian Hoodoo, Shamanism, Hedge witchery with the Greek, Celtic, Egyptian and Nordic, Mesopotamian, Hindu, Roman, European, Asian, Slavic and Romanian and Latin American tradition's. To ensure you of clear divine guidance . He has  studied  and practiced divination and Psychic readings at a professional level for over Ten years.

An avid Tarotoligist constant collector of various Tarot decks, Rune sets and Oracle cards as well as handcrafting dowsing Pendulums.
Adept at many forms of Divination & Scrying with a flair of his own creativity. He touches his clients on a personal and deeply spiritual level to achieve the best read possible.
With over 100 Tarot and Oracle card spreads to choose from, the answer to just about any question you may have is within reach. Adept at the art of Rune casting and reading the bones (Rune Stones)   Prices with Ravenwind  are listed on our book online page

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Witch,Pagan,High Priestess, Wicca, Reiki Master, Witchcraft Instructor

Specializing in Oracle, Tarot and Rune readings. My favorite spread is the Spread of the Psychic, combining the Elder Futhark Oracle deck with the Elder Futhark Rune set to take a deep look at what is affecting your life and where we can strive for positive growth and personal changes. 

As a Scorpio  my energy  is enhanced by my focus with the occult and mysticism.  Coming from several generations of Witches,  I read Oracle, Tarot and Elder Futhark Runes. Please feel free to get in touch with me,  click here  to see  how I can help you further your goals with my Tarot, Oracle or Rune divinations. 

Witch,Pagan,High Priestess, Wicca, Reiki Master, Witchcraft Instructor
Witch,Pagan,Tarot,Runes,Oracle ,Wicca, Reiki Master, Witchcraft Instructor
Witch,Pagan,Tarot,Runes,Oracle ,Wicca, Reiki Master, Witchcraft Instructor
Witch,Pagan,Tarot,Runes,Oracle ,Wicca, Reiki Master, Witchcraft Instructor

Tarot & Divination

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