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Worker Bee spell candle

Worker Bee spell candle

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The worker Bee is crafted to help enhance your Magickal workings and connection to nature. Part of our Golden Goddess Line this 5 oz all natural golden soy candle is Blended, with spells of positivity abundance and wealth. Imbued with our Apricot/PeachNectar fragrance isa unique niche of upscale but homey scents. Slightly floral with just a hint of woodsiness, subtle notes of pear blend with mid notes of apricot, nectarine and jasmine cushioned by a base of vetiver, patchouli and vanilla. Handpoured in our mini Buttercream ceramic container.
 Blessed and empowered on our house Altar dressed on top with a ring of Apricot and Peach and adorned with enchanted Bee and Honey comb charms to be used as you desire! Sealed in with an all natural golden colored pine wood lid. Comes with the Busy Bee Incantation
Bee Magickal!!

  • Fragrance

    Fragrance Notes


    Apricot, Amaretto, Lime, Banana


    Papaya, Peach, Mango, Pear, Green Leaves


    Tonka Bean

  • Tumbler Information

    Please remove any of our enchanted charms from the candles surface before burning and use them in your own crafting traditions to add to your Magickal workings
    How to reuse your cotainer when your candle is completely  finished with it's burn time simply preheat your oven to 220 ( do not microwave! Wick tab is still in vessel and is metal!) place container upside down on a baking sheet covered in a sheet of parchment paper and heat until the  remaining wax is melted, then wash with warm soapy water. If the wick tab has not come off by now you can use a bit of rubbing alcohol to lossen the adhesive. Use only rubber spatulas and other utensils or you may scratch the ceramics surface. Caution!! Never lift your container candle by the lid!!

  • Bees in Egypt

    Bees were seen as a symbol of royalty and were associated with the goddesses Nekhbet and Neith. Honey was an important food source and was also used in ancient Egyptian medicine. It was also used as an offering to the gods and as a symbol of rebirth and immortality.
    Among all insects, the ancient Egyptians favored the bee as it was not only linked to the royal ideology being the sign of legitimacy, but was also represented on top of every cartouche of every reigning sovereign, throughout the ancient Egyptian history.
    Certain lines in ancient rituals indicate that the Egyptians may have even believed that the soul of a man (his "ka", or double; the part which continues after death) took the form of a bee. Another ritual from the Book of "Am-Tuat", or "the Otherworld", compares the voices of souls to the hum of bees.
    "This god crieth out to their souls after he hath entered the city of the gods who are on their sand, and there are heard the voices of those who are shut in this circle which are like [the hum] of many bees of honey when their souls cry out to Ra."

  • Shared Incantation

    "When Ra weeps again the water which flows from his eyes upon the ground turns into working bees. They work in flowers and trees of every kind and wax and honey come into being." 

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