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About The Devine Craft

Our Story

This is a cumulative effort of our family, Coven & tribe to provide our community with a genuinely safe place to learn - grow & shoppe. We chose the name The Devine Craft because Devine was my Mothers maiden name, it seemed like the most obvious choice to us .The Craft runs deep within the roots of my family tree & I am now watching the branches bloom into new generations as well.
Thank you for being a part of something special that is bringing us all a lot of comfort & joy, we will always give our most genuine effort to stay authentic, give good sound advice, craft in an Eco friendly, harm free , sustainable & down to Earth way.  We welcome like minded people with positive frequencies for this is Hallowed Ground.

The light will be on -  Blessed Be
Curator of T.D.C. & Boss Witch

Lady Belladonna Atropos 

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