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The Amber Rose Spell Candle

The Amber Rose Spell Candle

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Part of Our Bohemian Spirit line the Amber Rose collection was created out of love with a firey spirit
This candle is Blended - Blessed and Hand Poured into a burnt sienna ceramic tumbler  and Empowered on our house Altar. Crafted  with 12 oz of all natural Golden soy wax our Amber Rose fragrance oil - A woodsy musky rose and amber type fragrance with top notes of Basil,Grapefruit,Jasmine and Ozone
Middle notes of  Rose, Magnolia, Tonka Bean,Sandalwood, Patchouli
Base notes of Light Musk, Amber, Dark Musk, Powder
Burnt Sienna is one of the original earthy pigments, with it's ember like glow adds an atmosphere of passion to any space, so we couldn’t leave it out of this line! And comes with a golden pine wood lid to hold that firey rose fragrance in! Crafted from sustainably sourced pine, this candle lid’s light-colored finish and beautiful, contrasting grain pattern nod to Scandinavian style, clean simplicity, and modern rusticism. 
Working with the spirit of the rose and Amber Resin this candle is dressed on top with a shimmering spiral of our house Golden Amber Resin a Red Rose Bud and adorned with an enchanted red rose charm.
This candle was intended as a booster in Love, Marriage, Wish and Fortune spells and Beltane Rituals, it is enchanted with the element of fire
Rose essential oil being the essential oil of love and made from the rose petals this Amber Rose combination smells Divine!

  • Tumbler Information

    Featuring a color inspired by the red pigment derived from the earth, the Mini Burnt Sienna Modern Ceramic Tumbler adds a touch of warmth to home decor. With straight lines and smooth sides, these ceramic candle containers have a modern style that effortlessly showcases a range of brand aesthetics. The matte finish emphasizes the earthy color. 
    Please remove any of our enchanted charms from the candles surface before burning and use them in your own crafting traditions to add to your Magickal workings
    How to reuse your cotainer when your candle is completely  finished with it's burn time simply preheat your oven to 220 ( do not microwave! (Wick tab is still in vessel and is metal!) place container upside down on a baking sheet covered in a sheet of parchment paper and heat until the  remaining wax is melted, then wash with warm soapy water. If the wick tab has not come off by now you can use a bit of rubbing alcohol to lossen the adhesive. Use only rubber spatulas and other utensils or you may scratch the ceramics surface.
    Caution!! Never lift your container candle by the lid!!

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