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The Great Rite Figure Candle

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$22.50Sale Price
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Pagan lovers are in every Pantheon!

The Great Horned God and Goddess are  known through time as  Cernunnos and Ceridwen , Hades and Persephone , The Morrigan and The Dagda,  Tammuz and Inanna -  as well as many others.

This is the Devine Crafts  - ***The Lovers*** figure candle : 

Blended, Blessed, Empowered and Hand poured on our house Altar.

They can be used in a multitude of spells,  are perfect for Sabbats and Esbats and comes in corresponding colors. Perfect for Equinox, Love  and  Beltane Rituals as well as seduction spells and of course,  Sex Magick!

Candle Color
  • Color Correspondence

    Red – Passionate love, energy, action
    Orange – New opportunities, success, opening roads
    Yellow – Optimism, prosperity, luck, fame, prosperity
    Green – Prosperity, growth, work, fertility, career
    Blue – Peace, communication, healing, reconciliation, mental gifts Purple – Success, control, power
    Pink – Romantic love, friendship, attraction
    Spirit White – Cleansing, blessing, healing ,
    Spirit Black – Banishing, protection, security,
    Silver Grey or Brown – Court case work, justice, balance, grounding, honor, Ancestor

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