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Gypsy Caravan (A Divinatory Group)

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Working with an approach /avoid divination technique with three decks.

With Kim Krans Archetype oracle deck as well as her Animal Spirit deck, i am including for deeper meaning the Smith Waite Tarot deck (rich in symbolism) .

In the approach position is The Hunter and The Four of Wands

In the avoid position is The Orphan and Justice. Im working with the energy of Hawk and rainbow flourite to help guide me. Hawk allows me to see with clarity that The Orphan when dark seems distant, hateful , controlling and angry especially when the orphan feels a "justified anger"

Instead looking towards approaching the archetype of The Hunter today wherein I am focused , energised and respectful. Today I am aligning myself with the great creature's of our world and I do so with care and respectful contemplation which the four of wands implies will bring me to a place of greater peace. ☆

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