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Gypsy Caravan (A Divinatory Group)

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🃏Group Oracle Draw

Deck used: Anne Stokes Gothic Oracle

Card drawn: Enchantment

A faery walks a Path toward us, stopping within a

dirdle of mushrooms. Holding a goblet, she asks if

we would like to take a sip of the forest wine.

Lark Blackberry
BellaDonna Devine
Unknown member
Nov 21, 2023

And I shall listen.

Since the beginning of a time long before this life cycle I have been a crafter and creator. Loom work, metal smithing, woodwork, song, dance, connecting in ways I can not explain to animals and so much more… it all comes as memory now. I am a Pisces born under fire and brought into this life on the wrong day. What I am was not supposed to be and yet I wonder…

In this life I have been called to heal. I have mended hearts, souls, plants, animals, and humans. I have sacrificed much to raise my children and it is time to step in to my calling.

In 6 weeks I Head to school again for nursing. I know it will be a challenge for me because I understand I am not normal. What I am I still do not know… just that I am very old. I see you sister fae and I am listening.

I am ready.

Thank you for sharing Wise one.



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