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Gypsy Caravan (A Divinatory Group)

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Ravenwind Pendragon
Practitioner/Employee of The Devine CraftHigh Mystic
Practitioner of The Devine CraftPriest/Priestess

馃敭Group Tarot Draw馃儚 Deck Used Black Cats Tarot Card Drawn = The Moon Keywords: Mystery路 Caution 路 Confusion 路 Illusion 路 Risk Something in your life is not what it seems. Perhaps a misunderstanding on your part, or a truth you cannot admit to yourself. It may also indicate something important being kept from you by another. This may be a source of worry or depression in your life, and the Moon is a strong indicator that you must rely on your intuition to see through the subterfuge. For a full spiritual reading check out our services page. ~RavenwinD~ 馃寷馃寱馃寽

Lark Blackberry
BellaDonna Devine


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