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Gypsy Caravan (A Divinatory Group)

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Ravenwind Pendragon
Practitioner/Employee of The Devine CraftHigh Mystic
Practitioner of The Devine CraftPriest/Priestess

🃏Group Tarot Draw 🃏

Deck used The Somnia Tarot, card drawn: Ace Of Swords

Keywords: Birth Of Energy, Creative Explosion, Clear Focus, Sharp Perception

A spectral hand birthed from a cloud of smoke, brandishes a shimmering Silver sword that points to the Heavens above. The hand in a victorious manner begins to emerge from the wooden chest that sits high above the sea. The Ace Of Swords has arrived on this misty landscape, bringing clarity and revelation through a display of energy. Slicing through the haze the Ace Of Swords pierces its objective with vigor and passion. With the sunrise the clouds begin to dissipate on the horizon, making an illuminated pathway.



Lark Blackberry
BellaDonna Devine


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