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Gypsy Caravan (A Divinatory Group)

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Up late thinking about the archetype of the witch, meditating on what my inner witch feels and looks like. Inside the security of my witches cottage, underneath my witches hat , lives a witch practicing witchcraft to heal herself and her loved ones.

My daily holistic approach to, not only my own needs - which I address daily with the medicines of my plant spirit witchcraft, as well as my quadriplegic daughter who beat all odds medically relying heavily on holistic caregiving with very effective results .

When I look within myself , at my own spirit of the witch that lives within me, I see the many faces of the goddess living in a never ending turning wheel (that resembles a spiders web while im dreaming) at the center of the wheel (web) is a table , we are all sitting together at the table - reading tarot ☆ Look within your heart and take the time to see your inner witch looking back.

Take a moment to realize the beauty of your own craft and the essence that makes your own witchcraft a legitimate source of personal medicine in your life ☆

Lark Blackberry
Jennifer Schraedley
Ravenwind Pendragon


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