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As a little girl growing up I ate dirt once Lmao as gross as it sounds but it’s true though! Very very dry by the way, would not recommend! I always loved being in nature! Being in the woods, walking barefoot in the grass, having my hands in the dirt planting beautiful flowers 🌸 and herbs 🪴

running water 💧 like lakes and streams, rivers, being in a canoe 🛶 or boat 🚤 cooking 🥘, I cook with love, otherwise what’s the point?! As I grew older I started having dreams about flying! Which is AMAZING!! In my dreams of flying I would visit random people I never met before in my life! I had dreams of being shot several times! But I was portraying someone else. Another dream I dreamt of an invisible bridge or overpass?! My dreams play out like a movie scenes. 3 consecutive parts and each scene is different from the other. But I’ve had deja vu twice in my life. If I’m afraid about something for me specifically and I worry about for a week? It’ll happen! Crazy Right?! Or just me?? Premonitions are come and go but , I help others before myself.

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