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Full Moon in Scorpio Spell Work


This spell is designed to enhance your intuitive abilities, aligning deeply with Scorpio's transformative and mystical energies during the full moon. When casting this spell, allow the essence of the Scorpio energy to guide your intuition towards clarity and wisdom in all aspects of your life. Embrace the power of transformation that this spell brings forth, leading you on a journey of self-discovery and growth. 

As the full moon illuminates the night sky, so too does this spell shed light on the hidden truths and insights that may have eluded you before. Trust in the magic that surrounds you, knowing that the energy of Scorpio is working alongside you to unlock the depths of your intuition. Embrace the unknown with courage and openness, allowing the transformative energies of this spell to lead you towards new beginnings and opportunities. With each passing moment, feel your intuition sharpen and your connection to the mystical realms deepen. Let the energy of Scorpio infuse every aspect of your being, empowering you to trust your instincts and follow the path that lights up your soul.

What You Will Need:


Mugwort: Renowned for its potent psychic-enhancing properties, mugwort acts as a bridge to the astral realm, sharpening intuition and promoting prophetic dreams. 

Basil: This sacred herb is utilized for purification and protection, creating a secure space for your intuition to surface without the interference of negative energies. 

Rosemary: A powerful ally in warding off distractions and enhancing mental clarity, allowing intuitive insights to be received and understood with greater ease.

*Substituting Vervain for any one of these is just fine. 


Amethyst: - This is a perfect stone for intuition, amethyst opens the third eye, enhancing psychic abilities and offering spiritual protection.

Moonstone - Deeply connected to the moon and feminine energy, moonstone promotes emotional balance and enhances intuition, especially aligning with the energies of the full moon in Scorpio.

Labradorite - Known for its magical properties, labradorite is a stone of transformation and a powerful enhancer of psychic abilities, facilitating deeper introspection and uncovering hidden truths.

Substituting a clear quartz for any one of these is just fine. 

 Additional Items: 

  • A white or silver candle for clarity  

  • lighter 

  • small cauldron with a cup of water or small bowl of water to represent the Scorpio water element, enhancing emotional and psychic receptivity.

  • smudge of your preference

  •  wooden spoon (any spoon will work though)

  • journal or parchment and pen

The Spell:


A spiritual bath before this spell work is highly recommended.

Cleanse your space and all items with your preferred smudge allowing the smoke to wash over them, purifying their energies.


Begin by grounding and centering yourself. Envision roots extending from your feet, anchoring you deeply into the earth.

Imagine the energy of the earth flowing up through these roots, filling you with stability and strength. Feel the connection between yourself and the natural world around you growing stronger with each breath. Let this grounding energy guide you as you prepare to cast your spell.

As you focus on your intentions, visualize a sphere of light surrounding you, protecting you and amplifying the power of your magic. Take a moment to clearly allow your mind to open to this radiant shield of energy. With your intentions set and your energy aligned, you are now ready to begin your spell work. 

Casting the Circle:

Stand or sit facing your altar or the moon depending upon personal preference. Some of us like to go outside under the moon during these times, however don't let poor weather or poor visibility stop you, the energy is still the same even with rain and cloud cover.

Visualize your protective circle of silvery light enveloping your space. This circle is your sacred container, holding the energy you are about to work with. It is a boundary that shields us from energies misaligned with our highest purpose and intentions. Within this sanctified enclosure, we stand/sit ready to deepen our intuitive powers, to connect more profoundly with the unseen currents that shape our path and purpose

Speaking these words:

"Hail House of Scorpio , ruler of the depths, they who navigates the undercurrents, teaching us to embrace the darkness, to understand its secrets, and to emerge reborn with insights that illuminate. Your transformative power is our beacon tonight; let your energy infuse this circle, enabling us to shed our old skins for renewal and regeneration."

Spend a few moments letting the full moon's energy envelop you, let it amplify your intention, magnifying your capacity to perceive, to understand, and to communicate with the world beyond the physical. May the insights gained tonight be seeds planted in fertile soil, nurtured by your continued dedication and the transformative power of Scorpio, growing into strong intuitions that guide you in both the light and the dark.

Call upon the elements -

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit - aid my quest for enhanced intuition.

Earth, ground me in my truth.

Air, open my mind to receive divine messages.

Fire, ignite my passion for understanding the unseen.

Water, cleanse my perception, so we see beyond the surface.

Spirit, connect us to the universal consciousness, expanding our intuition beyond the boundaries of time and space. I call __________ (Deity of your choice)to join me in my circle!

(If you are working with a specific deity and want them to aid you , asking them to join you in your circle as you invoke spirit is divine timing.)

This is a pdf to petition The Dark Goddess to join you

Dark Goddess Petition For Scorpio full moon..pdf

Activating the Herbs and Crystals:

Hold each herb in your hand, one at a time, and charge it with your intention to enhance your intuition. Do the same with each crystal. Visualize them glowing with a mystical light, empowered with your desire.

The Work:

 Light the candle, lowering your eyelids halfway while focusing on the sacred flame and say:

" Under the Scorpio moon, intuition grow, through the darkest night, let my insight flow."

Intuitively surround the bowl with the three crystals, creating a triangle , then place the herbs inside the bowl of water.

Stirring the water herb mixture three times (clockwise), and say:

"Mugwort (or Vervain), Basil and Rosemary, in this water, I blend your powers. With my insight strong and my visions clear, I grow in strength as I draw you near."

Meditate for a few minutes, allowing yourself to feel the energies at play. Open your mind to receive any messages or insights

Conclude by speaking these words:

"Under the watchful gaze of The Full Moon, I am reminded of the cycles of life and the importance of release and renewal. Hekate's influence extends beyond the physical world, delving into the depths of my being, stirring dormant potentials and casting light on the shadows within. With each passing moment, I feel myself growing stronger, aligning with the energies of the universe."

Closing the Circle:

Thank the elements, the moon, and the herbs and crystals for their energies. Visualize the protective circle of light dissipating, grounding any excess energy back into the earth.

Say something like this - 

"With gratitude and respect, we honor the energy of the full moon, the wisdom of Scorpio, and the elements that sustain us. As our circle closes, may the protection it offers remain strong, and the insights gained resonate within our beings, forever altering our course towards enlightenment and understanding."

So mote it be.

Snuff out the candle; try not blow it (if possible), as this can scatter the spell’s energies.

Afterward - 

Leave the herbs and crystals to soak under the moonlight overnight . In the morning, strain the water, and use it to anoint your forehead, heart, and wrists whenever you wish to enhance your intuitive abilities.

Keep the charged crystals near you, especially during divination practices or when seeking deeper emotional insight.


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