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Beltane is a time of celebration, renewal and joy! The Wheel turns and we come together to honor the reunion of the god and goddess. As we enter the season of light, let us celebrate love, fertility and passion. Beltane is a time to shed our inhibitions and dance around the Maypole singing praises to our deities.

The fires we light, be they bonfires or candles are a symbol, of the fire of passion, the flames that burn within us that lead to new creativity and renewed enthusiasm for life . As we dance around the fire , let us feel its warmth and allow it to stir the flames within our own hearts. Let us take inspiration from the wildflowers that grow around us, and from the Faery Folk who come out to play during this magickal time.

In honor of the god and goddess , we can create jars filled with dandelions, basil, cherry blossoms and rosemary, including twigs and crystals symbolizing the union of masculine and feminine energies. These corresponding items can be placed on our altars or hung around our homes as a reminder of the season of Beltane and the magick it brings.


This time of year also marks the thinning of the veil between our world and the spirit world, making it an auspicious time to connect with Fae and the spirits of the dead. The new life energies of Beltane are especially attractive to the faeries who who love to join us in our merry making and help us usher in the new life that is blooming all around us.


Let us not forget the power of sexual energy during the season of Beltane. We can harness this potent force and channel it into our rituals and offerings to the god and goddess. Placing these intentions in a ritual item , a corresponding crystal or even a bottle can help us focus and direct or intentions.

It is also important to remember that we must first clear out our internal spaces to make room for the new energies of life and inspiration to take root within us. Just as nature sheds its old and worn out parts to make way for new growth, we must also let go of what no longer serves us. Beltane reminds us that nature always provides us with opportunities to release and renew.

As we celebrate the reunion of the god and goddess, let us do so with love, joy and passion. May the energy of Beltane bring new life and inspiration to us all and may we honor the Fae and spirits of the dead during this magickal time.


BellaDonna A. Devine

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