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Petition to Hekate

Under the Scorpio Full Moon

Hail Hekate , Keeper of the unseen, Walker between the worlds, Guide in the shadows. We stand beneath the eye of the Scorpio Full Moon, drawing deep into the mysteries you guard, seeking the sacred knowledge that lies veiled in darkness. On this night, when your power swells , we call upon you to bestow upon us the gift of deep, unerring intuition.

In your name – Hekate – I invoke the essence of intuition, the silent knowing that whispers in the depths of our souls. You, who navigates the mysteries with ease, lend me the clarity to understand the unseen, the courage to confront the shadows within, and the strength to act upon the truths that are uncovered.

With the Scorpio Full Moon as my ally, shining its light into the darkest corners, we embrace transformation. Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth, of profound change and psychic power, aligns us with the frequency of deep, intuitive insight. Let its energy pierce the veils of our limitations, revealing paths unknown and potentials untapped.

Queen of Witches - Hekate , in your wisdom, you teach me that intuition is my birthright, a wellspring of knowledge that flows through the ancestral line, connecting us to the pulse of the universe. Teach me to harness this sacred gift; to listen, truly listen, to the stirrings of my inner voice; to trust the guidance that emerges from the darkness, as natural and vital as the air I breathe.

Dedicated to the path of witchcraft, I pledge to honor the intuition you awaken within me. To nurture it with discipline, to sharpen it with practice, and to follow it with inspired commitment. May the magic of this Scorpio Full Moon imprint your wisdom deeply within me, marking the ever evolving journey toward mastering the mystical arts .

Empower me to weave intuition into my daily life, making it a beacon that lights my way. Let it guide my decisions, inform my practices, and enrich my connection to the Earth, the elements, and all the spirits that dwell in the spaces between.

I offer my gratitude, knowing that my call has been heard, my bond with you strengthened, my intuitive powers amplified. With my heart open and mind attuned to the subtle realms, I step forward from this sacred ritual transformed, ready to embrace the gifts you’ve bestowed upon me with gratitude and grace.

As I carry your torch of intuition into the world, illuminating the path not just for myself but for all who seek your wisdom. ---

This invocation is crafted not only as a call to the energies of the Dark Goddess but as a beacon for all practitioners to recognize and nurture the profound intuition within. It’s a charge to embrace the transformative power of the Scorpio Full Moon, encouraging each of us to delve deeper, push further, and ascend higher in our mystical practice and personal growth.


Donna Devine

The Dark Goddess Connection

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Apr 23

Lo Kleidouchos! Lo Angelos! Lo Dadphoros Hail and welcome to our Circle



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