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Nurturing Intuition and emotional empowerment

Greetings witches, seers and mystical folk.

As the currents of the universe guide us towards deeper self-discovery and spiritual growth, let us delve into the ethereal energies of the upcoming new moon in Cancer.

This event set to happen 7/17/2023 offers us an opportunity to embark on a journey of self-reflection and the profound connection between the mystical powers of the moon and the nurturing essence of Cancer.

The new moon signifies a moment of rebirth, renewal , and intention setting.

During this lunar phase we are encouraged to turn our focus inwards , basking in the gentle healing darkness of the new moon's transformative energy.

This event offers a sanctuary within the darkness for us to ponder our emotions, dreams, and aspirations allowing us to navigate the path ahead with clarity and grace.

Aligning beautifully with Cancer's celestial domain, this new moon promises to be a powerful catalyst for nurturing intuition and reconnecting with our deepest desires.

As water signs , both the moon and Cancer are intrinsically linked to the realm of emotions, encouraging us to embrace the ebb and flow of our inner tides.

Drawing inspiration from the divine synergy between Cancer and the moon, we are called to acknowledge and honor our own emotional landscape during this lunation. By delving into the depths of our hearts we unlock the door to self-compassion and empower ourselves to radiate our truest selves in every aspect of our lives.

In these turbulent modern times , it is easy to overlook the subtle whispers of the universe guiding our steps. However, during the new moon in Cancer , we are reminded that synchronicities and signs from the cosmos will manifest with an unparalleled clarity. The veil between the mundane and spiritual thins just enough granting us the opportunity to decipher these sacred messages from the divine. While seemingly mere coincidences , the universe uses these gentle nudges to illuminate our path and pave the way for transformative opportunities . Angel numbers, synchronicities, and meaningful encounters become our compass, leading us to embrace the abundance that awaits us. Stay open hearted and receptive, for during this new moon, life changing prospects may unfold before your very eyes.

To amplify the mystical energies surrounding this new moon, I encourage you to incorporate a ritual bath into your spiritual practice. Immerse yourself in a sanctuary of scented oils, soothing salts, and soft candlelight, allowing the purifying waters to wash away stagnant energies and revitalize your intuitive senses.

Embrace this moment of self-care as an opportunity to attune to the nurturing power of Cancer and harmonize with the lunar vibrations surrounding us.

Take a moment to just stop moving and look inward to the divine source that is ever present in your life.

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BellaDonna Devine
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