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Black Crescent Clan

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Ravenwind Pendragon
Practitioner/Employee of The Devine CraftHigh Mystic
Practitioner of The Devine CraftPriest/Priestess

With the New Moon's Energy, my intentions are set.

With the Goddesses Blessings, our goals will be met.

With the Elements and Spirit supporting me so my Manifestations begin to blossom and grow.

Witches & 0ld Souls

New Moon Blessings all around,may you and your loved ones stay safe and sound.

New Moon Energies set our intentions free, Manifesting our desires,

So mote it be.

Lark Blackberry
Unknown member
Feb 09

Blessed be!❤️



Welcome to the Black Crescent Clan! You can connect with ot...


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