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Black Crescent Clan

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Although you can bring any animal into your home, you cannot force it to be your familiar. This profoundly affectionate relationship, built on love, respect and personal chemistry, must develop independently. Likewise, animal alliances cannot be forced. They may, however, be requested. Many believe that we are each born with the alliances we need, whether animal, botanical or spirit. The key is to discover those alliances and learn how to work with them for maximum power and benefit. Various methods exist for discovering allies and requesting new relationships. Many card-based divination systems exist. Animal allies also manifest themselves in your dreams. Any animal or species that appears consistently to you, whether in dreams or in waking life, may be an ally, or may potentially become one. If you desire a specific alliance, request it via a combination of your altar and visualization:

Animal Ally Invitation Spell

Choose a focal image for your altar, something that represents your ally for you. Use a toy, a photograph or an image. It is more crucial that it resonates strongly for you than that it be a literal depiction. Surround it with objects or images that would normally be

used to lure this creature. A dish of honey, for instance, summons a bear. Make the invitation as strong as possible. If you can find candles in the shape of your desired ally or its food, add them to the altar. Grind cinnamon and frankincense together and burn them as a spirit-summoning incense. In addition to Step 2, offer literal food (a dish of milk for a snake, for instance). Alternately, burn images of appropriate food. Relax. Let your eyes go slightly out of focus and await visitations. Try this for up to thirty minutes a day, until you receive results. ~RavenwinD~ 🌛🌕🌜

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