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Black Crescent Clan

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We Are The Wildlings <3

In the veiled night under moon's bright gaze,

Where whispers in the wind speak of ancient days,

Gather ye, wildlings, by water's soothing edge,

To unleash the storm within, we commit this sacred pledge.

By the power of the wild, within us resides,

Riding the waves of emotions, in us, confides.

With the water's grace, we embrace our inner storm,

Against the current, we find our true form.

So speak now this chant, with the wildling heart,  

Embrace the tumult, from which others depart.

Dancing through the flames, and swimming through the sea,

Our spirits soar, wild and untamed, forever free.

 For we are the wildlings, with spirits untamed,

 Through water's gentle guidance, our freedom reclaimed.

 Embrace the chaos, the turmoil, the magic of this,

 In this dance of emotions, as we sink into bliss..

 With the night as our canvas, and the stars our guide,

 We stand in our power, with arms open wide.

 For we are the children of the wild, fierce and free,

 Riding the waves of emotions, to our destiny .

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Apr 18

We Are!



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