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Lupine Spirit Oil

Make your Lupine Oil on the Full Wolf moon if possible.

Materials Required:

Small Glass Bottle (for storage) (I have 10 and 15 ml small amber bottles I like to use for this)

Carrier Oil - I like Almond Oil for this or fractionated Coconut oil.

3 Lupine Seeds or 3 dried lupine flower petals. (I am choosing Rosemary as an alternative to lupine - It has a masculine , fire energy that seems to fit. I feel this might be more readily available on short notice)

13 drops Lavender essential oil

13 drops Pine or Eucalyptus for alternative energy

13 drops of cedarwood,

13 drops of sandalwood,

13 drops of clary sage

A dropper and/or a small funnel


(Summoning the spirit of wolf would be a great idea before you start this oil!)

1. Start by creating a sacred space to work in. This can be anywhere you feel calm and centered. Light a few candles, put on some calming music, or anything else you need to create an atmosphere of focus and peace.

2. Cleanse your bottle. You want to make sure it is clean physically but also energetically. To cleanse it energetically, you could run it through incense smoke or put it in the sunlight for a few hours.

3. Fill your amber glass bottle half full with the Carrier Oil. ( Almond oil or coconut oil are excellent choices for this )

4. Carefully measure out and add your lupine flower petals or seeds to the oil. Lupine is associated with the Wolf Spirit and brings energies of courage, strength and devotion, tying in with the Wolf Moon's energies. Lupine seeds, aside from continuing the Wolf Spirit's correspondences, are believed to encourage inner growth and personal exploration, mirroring the spiritual purpose of Full Moon work. As an alternative to lupine seeds, you could use wolfberry (also known as Goji) seeds or Rosemary. These are thought to represent life, rejuvenation, and endurance which also resonate with Wolf Moon energy.

5. Add 13 drops of Clary Sage which is associated with healing and wisdom. Its strong earthy scent is often used for purification and clearing negativity, making it a potent addition to our oil.

6.Add 13 drops of Lavender essential oil . The gentle energies of Lavender is added to bring peace, happiness and protection. Lavender is commonly used in moon rituals due to its calming nature.

7.Add 13 drops of Cedarwood Oil. Due to its grounding properties, cedarwood essential oil can be an excellent companion for meditation practices.

8.Add 13 drops of Sandalwood - Sandalwood is the herb of the astral realm, divination, clairvoyance, visions, spirituality, psychic ability, dream work, and grounding. This will help when connecting to spirit of the wolf.

9. Lastly, add 13 drops of Pine or Eucalyptus essential oil. Pine is used for its resilience and longevity while eucalyptus offers a balance of protection and health. Both of these bring a strong scent and a refreshing note to your oil.(You can add both oils depending on what you have available.)

10. Cap the bottle tightly, and let it sit under the light of the full moon. The moon's energy will charge the oil, adding to the powerful blend. Leave it to charge for as long as possible.

Your lupine spirit oil is now ready. Remember to always focus your intention on what you want to achieve when using the oil, as the intention is a critical aspect of all magical workings.

This oil can be used in various ways - as an anointing oil for ritual tools, added to baths for a ritual cleanse or dabbed on the body to imbue the wearer with its magical qualities. Always remember to respect the plant spirits that have gone into making this powerful tool, and the spiritual essence of the Wolf Moon under which it was charged.

Please note if you do not have a specific ingredient -

Instead of just throwing any old thing in there, please sit with the energy of the plant to understand if it can be substituted. I feel it is better to omit a fire element rather than accidently adding a earth or water element. (That being said if you are comfortable with your correspondences and feel a substitution would work better than omitting the ingredients , don't let the lack of an ingredient stop you!)


Lark Blackberry
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Jan 25

My Lupine Seeds and Almond Oil are charging overnight under the full moon ☆ I will add the rest of the ingredients tomorrow after the almond oil and Lupine seeds get all charged up ☆



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