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☀️The Sun's  Treasure Bottle Spell☀️

☀️The Sun's Treasure Bottle Spell☀️

Excluding Sales Tax

Sunflower petals dance like flames among radiant amber citrine.Emblazoned with a bronze Sun charm secured with gold wire wrap. Crafted on Thursdays for fortune and blessed and charged on Sundays this spell bottle comes with the written spell and is ready to bring you abundance!

All items have been Blessed and Empowered in salt, smoke and comes in a convenient Black or Brown box made of recycled material

Items included :
1: The Sun's Treasure

1: Orange Carnelian Stone

The Written Spell and instructions
(Not depicted for privacy) 
1 Bottle of  The Sun's Treasure Herbal Blend

1:box of 12 The Sun incense sticks

1: 4" Orange chime spell candle & Black ceramic candle holder

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