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Ritual Herbal/Resin Incense Blend

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When the Moon rises the Ritual begins.In the spirit of Van Van oil and similar oils used by Hoodoo shamans,  Greek, Roman and Egyptian Mystics as well as Celtic Druids and Nordic Seers this herbal blend is spell cast with intention for all Ritual and spellwork done during a waxing or waning Moon, Full or New/Dark Moon.
Based off of multiprpose  Van Van oil this blend will make your spirit soar from the Coconut/Lime and Lemon Verbena, It cleanses, grounds and centers, raising all positive vibration's.Use in Ritual or just to elevate your senses with some aromatherapy!

Blended,Blessed and Empowered and spell cast on our house Altar this blend contains oil of lime,Vervain, Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass and Coconut oil resin.
"Let's Get Ritual!"

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