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Jasmine Flower

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Organic Jasmine Flower (Jasminum odoratissimum) is used to attract a spiritual love and to aid in dream work and prosperity spells.Jasmine is used to foster psychic dreams. It also increases the spiritual aspects of love work for for love work of a spiritual nature, such as attracting a soul mate, a twin flame or someone with whom you have a past life connections. Jasmine worn or burned can also increase wealth.

  • Correspondences

    Element Associations: Water + Earth 
    Planetary Associations: Moon + Jupiter
    Astrological Associations: Capricorn + Pisces
    Chakra Associations: Crown + Soul Star
    Energy: Feminine/Receptive
    Deities: Aphrodite, Jupiter, Freya, Adonis
    Jasmine has been cultivated for centuries for its delicate white flowers and heady floral scent. It is regarded as one of the most mystical of all flowers. Jasmine hails from the Middle and Far East, where it once graced palace gardens and inspired poets. The name comes from the Persian “Yasmin,” meaning fragrance. In the language of flowers, Jasmine symbolizes purity and grace. The flowers bloom in the evening, leading to colorful nicknames for Jasmine such as “Queen of the Night,” and “Moonlight on the Grove.”In the Witch’s pantry, Jasmine is available as dried flowers and as a scented oil. The dried yellow-white petals do not hold much fragrance, and are instead used for their symbolic power

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