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Witchcraft, Wicca, Incense Blend, Hem Incense, Ritual Incense, Wicca, Pagan

Dragons Blood Red 20 sticks

PriceFrom $1.75
Excluding Sales Tax

You get 20 hand rolled sticks.
Dragon's Blood is harvested from the rattan palm in Sumatra. Used in spiritual and healing rituals for centuries, as a smudge, Dragon's Blood adds power to and amplifies your intention. Use it to increase your power, attraction and and to rekindle love and sensuality in your relationships.Is also used to increase the potency of spells for protection, love, banishing and cleansing
Dragon's Blood smells sweet and soft, slightly amber-like but more natural and less sticky/sweet smelling than common amber. It is extremely rich and does an excellent job setting a calming mood to a space.

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