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Gorgon Gaze Fragrance Oil, Medusa Spirit Oil, Snake Oil,  Pagan Witches, Witchcraft, Spells, Spell work, Wiccans, Coven

Gorgon Gaze - Medusa Spirit Oil

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This essence of Medusa real Snake Oil is made with responsibly collected real snake skin shed. Medusa represents feminine empowerment as well as the ability to transform and change. Medusa looks adversity square in the eye and well, you know what happens when the Gorgeous Gorgon stares you down...

Let this super charged snake skin oil be your personal oil of empowerment whether you utilize it in our beautiful roll on bottle or in our 15 ml dropper for ritual anointing.

This smells lush with sandalwood, vanilla, frankincense, dragons blood resin, basil cinnamon and vanilla.

It has a base of Olive oil, Apricot and Evening Primrose Oil.

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