13 times a year there is one thing we can count on, a Full Moon.The Moon known as Diana, Artemis, Aradia, Hekate and a millon other names, she has been one of the constants throughout the history of humankind. She has crossed the sky nightly for eons and  enticed, seduced, mesmerized and even driven mad living things on our Earth since the dawn of time. Wrapped in etheral mystery this all white all natural soy candle is devoted to Luna and is to be burned for an hour or two on every Full Moon and comes with a written spell.Blended, Blessed,Empowered and hand poured on our house Altar this all natural candle is made of:13 oz golden soy no color natural1/4 oz Lunar Fragrance blend (Lemongrass, Jasmine)Note Profile:Top: Lemongrass, Lime, LemonMiddle: Jasmine, Sugar, Black CurrantBase: Patchouli, PowderDressed with Lemongrass and three Jasmine flowerDouble wicked for effecient burn timeBrass Brushed lidDecor triple moon charm on blue hemp cord Ready for all Full Moon Spells!

13 Moons 13 oz soy jar spell candle

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