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Devil's Shoestring Root

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1/2 oz (or one good sized piece)of  Devil's Shoestring or known also as Polygonum Amphibium, Hobble Bush, Goat's Rue, or Cramp Bark. A tangled root that can grow to enormous sizes. Herbalists see it as an antispasmodic, particularly in helping to ease menstrual pains. Used magically to bring luck and protection when carried, used in enemy pathways, and in controlling a lover. Root form to be stored in a cool, dark place in a sealed container.
  • Devil's Shoestring

    Devil's shoestrings are an ancient botanical curio to have carry and are best used magically as a whole root piece.Devil's Shoe Strings are used for sending crossings and unfortunate situations back to their source, protection against jinxing, and hexing to improve luck both generally and in gambling and to draw good customers and keep away unwanted nasty people. Also used  in binding and shut your mouth spells and domination and stopping spells.

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