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My altars are always a work in progress, just like me and the moon we change constantly <3 This altar is representative and leaning into our monthly correspondences of Amethyst as well as honoring Goose with images and feathers, I am leaning into some playful creative Otter energy and am really happy with my decision to trust my spirit guides about my good friend Otter!

It is Aquarius season so I am honoring The element of Air however I need to work on some astrological correspondence to go on my altar next .

I am really drawn to crow right now and feel that relates to my avian ally caw who journeys with me into liminal spaces .

Hail Hermes, Hail Hekate, Hail Persephone who is otherwise known as Kore, who's sacred animal that she held dear was The Goose.

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Apr 05, 2023

I want one of everything you have🥰



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