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Single Blue Lace Agate

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You receive one intuitivley selected tumbled Blue Lace Agate
The meaning of its name relates to the very attractive lacy bands of either white, grey or darker blue colored lines, which run through the pale blue stone.Blue Lace Agate will help you to clarify your thoughts, so that the person you are communicating with will clearly understand your point of view.They will recognize exactly what you want them to understand.It's energy will assist you to speak freely and release any feelings associated with the opinions of others.Emotionally it aids you to express your feelings, so it encourages you to let go of old emotions, especially related to childhood trauma.

  • Correspondences

    Stone is Found: Blue Lace Agate is found in Brazil, India, Namibia, China, Uruguay and United States

    Deities: Hermes/Mercury, Thoth, Isis, Danu

    Astrological Sign: Pisces, Gemini

    Chakras: Throat

    Element: Water

    Composition: Microcrystalline Quartz

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