Mythology says the Goddess Aphrodite was born in a shell on sea foam of pink. 

This spell can be done two ways to draw a new metal lover or enhance the relationship you have already. Comes in a convenient Black sliding box made of recycled material.

All items Crafted,Blended,Blessed and Empowered on our house Altar 

Items Included:

The written Spell 
(Not depicted for privacy)

1: Mini Abalone shell and rainbow sand 

1: Mini heart shaped ๐Ÿ’“ rose quartz

1: Handcrafted curio spell bottle filled with red rose petals and pink rosebuds, sealed with pink wax and adorned on top with a pink rose quartz

1: Hand poured fragrance love spell tealight candle and glass Votive holder

2: Lovers Incense sticks hand dipped in house in our house blend

Love Is Born (Love Spell)๐Ÿ’


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