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Chamomile Flower (Egyptian) 🌼

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1 oz of our Chamomile from Egypt is some of the world's finest.Chamomile or camomile, is the common name for several daisy-like plants of the family Asteraceae. Two of the species, Matricaria recutita and Anthemis nobilis, are commonly used to make herbal infusions for traditional medicine

  • Chamomile Magickal Properties

    Love, healing and reducing stress.  Add chamomile to a sachet or spell to increase the chances of its success.  You can sprinkle chamomile around the house to remove hexes, curses and spells.  Burn or add chamomile to prosperity bags to increase money.  Spells for de-stressing, meditation and restful sleep.  You can also use it in bath magick to attract love.

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