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Agrimony Herb

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Agrimonia, commonly called Agrimony Herb, comes from many regions around the globe. It is from the Agrimonia Eupatoria plant with yellow flowers and spiked branches. Agrimony was commonly used on the battlefields in the Middle Ages And is used in many Magickal traditions.

  • Magickal propeties of Agrimonia

    Agrimonia is used in protection sachets and spells and is also used for banishing negative energies and spirits. It is also used to reverse spells, breaking hexes and returning them to the sender.

    Placing agrimony under the head at night will make one sleep as if dead but it's not to use for insomnia, the sleeper won't awaken till the herb is removed according to ancient lore.

    Gender: Masculine
    Planet: Jupiter
    Element: Air
    Sign: Cancer and Sagittarius
    Magical Powers: Protection, love, luck, happiness, aura cleansing, spiritual healing, banishes negativity and Sleep. 

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