The Devine Craft's  tribute to our Patron Goddess Warrior Queen of The Tuatha De Danan. Known as  Macha  Badb, Rhianna Nemain and a thousand others. Sovereign Goddess of War the Land, Moon, Ravens,Horses Wolves & the Underworld.The Bahnshee Queen is ready to be summoned by you!This tribute includes The Raven Circle Of Power and Protection.The Invocation Of The MorrighanThe Raven's Shield:The Morrighan Protection spell and instructions on casting all written by Chief Mystic Ravenwind(Spell text not depicted on purpose)All items have been Blessed and Empowered in salt & smoke and comes in a convenient Black box made of recycled material1: Resin Rabeschadel (Raven Skull) Crafted by Alchemy Of England1:Raven Plume Spell Bottle *(Real Raven Plume Harm Free gathered and cleansed)1:4" Red Spell Candle1: 4" Black Spell Candle1: 3 Mil Vial of Dragons Blood Oil 1: Palo Santo Stick with the word Macha burned in Runes (Runic formula not depicted on purpose)1: Moonstone1: Black Onyx

The Morrighan Protection Spell 🖤


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