Like the Kings and Queens of Olde this spell brings your birthright to you! Abundance comes in many forms and this spell will add to yours whether cast for personal or business, at home or shop.

 Crafted to be done three times.

(You provide your Cauldron or other fire proof burner)

All items have been Blessed and Empowered on our house Altar comes in a convenient Black sliding box made of recycled materialItems Included:The Written Spell (Not depicted for privacy)

1: 4" Yellow Chime Spell candle and Black ceramic holder

1: Tumbled Gold Citrine crystal

1: 13 Gram Bottle of All Sovereignty resin (Frankincense Tears,Gold Myrr, White Copal, Gold Sandalwood, Palo Santo and Amber resin)

3: Bamboo Charcoal tablets

Grab your Sovereignty

Ancient Sovereignty Fame & Fortune Spell💰


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