When the Full Moon rises the Ritual begins.This body scrub is spell cast with intention for all Ritual and spellwork done during a full Moon.

Your spirit will soar from the Coconut/Lime and Lemon Verbena fragrance,  the celtic sea salt will cleanse, ground and center, raising all positive vibration's.

Use in Ritual or just to elevate your senses with some aromatherapy!

Blended, Blessed and Empowered with spell cast on our house Altar. with fractonized coconut oil and all natural soap base

 Color Dye: None/Natural

 all natural coconut Lime Verbena fragrance oil

all natural Lemon Verbena fragrance oil

Note Profile:

Top: Lime, Mandarin Orange

Middle: Lemon Verbena,Lemongrass, Sugar

Base: Coconut, Wood,Vanilla

Let's get Ritual!!

Ritual Coconut Lime Exfoliating Salt Scrub


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