This Spell Bottle filled with Blessed Lapis Lazuli and the Written Spell  will protect you from a wide variety of Psychic attack, also reduces Celestial  bombardments  for Empaths.Items Included 1: Lapis Lazuli  Spell Bottle 1: Written Spell (Spell text Not Depicted On Purpose)1 Palo Santo stick with the  word shield written in Runes ( Runic formula not Depicted  on Purpose)1: Blue Spell Candle with a 3 Ml bottle of natural Blue Sage Fragrance oil to dress itProviding more intuitive enlightenment in dream work.Strengthening connections to dream forces for better guidance while in an altered state.Place lapis lazuli crystals in areas used for calm reflection, prayer or repose.Place lapis lazuli statues or stones in a room at the north end of a home or at the northern most area of a room.

🛡Psychic Shield Spell


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