Summon the Greek Triple Moon Goddess .This package is multi Spells.One to summon her Dark Majesty from the void to assist you and second to remove any hexes, negativity, or unknown unwanted alien Magick's placed on you and yours, as well as  Protection from it happening again. Open your roads today!All items have been Blessed and Empowered in salt & smoke and comes in a convenient Black box made of recycled material1 : Decorative Metal Altar  Pentacle 1: Tumbled Black Onyx Gemstone 1: Tumbled White Howlite Stone 3:Turkish Bay Leaves to write on 1: All natural handcrafted soy Spirit Tealight candle imbued with Dark Amethyst fragrance oil 1: Black Chime Spell candle and Black ceramic candle holder 1: 3 Ml vial of our Dragons Blood Oil to dress the candle  1: Protection blend mini incense stick 1: Break all hexes blend mini incense stick 

Hecate Hit the road Jack Banishment Spell

  • Includes the Hecate Circle Casting spell  

    The Invocation of Hecate.

    The Hecate Quick Burn Hex Removal spell  

    The Hecate Binding spell .

    4 candles

    2 candle holders

    2 gemstones

    Black rubber bands

    2 Smudge Stick

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