This is a Spell of revelation of trust and Temperance. With the aide of Arch Angel's Michael and  Gabriel, the element of water and fire combined, this spell will not only enhance your ability  to speak the truth without fear, it will also enable you get clear answers  when needed. It will heal old wounds of mistrust and mistreatment  from Past Lives. This will temper your emotions toward future deeds of deception Items Included:The Written Spell and instructions (Spell text  not depicted on purpose )1: Package Of Michael  Arch Angel  Incense Sticks 1: Package Of  Gabriel  Incense Sticks 1: 3"  Cast Iron Cauldron 2: Charcoal  Discs1: Lapis Lazuli  Tumbled Gemstone 1: Blue Spell Candle Anoited in Angel Oil1: Palo Santo stick with the Rune of Water (Laguz) burned into it 1: Pouch of St John's Wort.

🌊Cauldron Of Gabriel & Michael Spell 🔥

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