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Basic Witch Bundle

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Hello Basic Witch,

Need some self care with limited ingredient products that you can trust?

Our  Basic Witch , Replenish - Recharge - Reboot  bundle comes with  options!


Choose one of two options  -

Option 1  The Whipped Coconut Sugar Scrub ( two ounce )   or

Option 2  The Whipped Shea ( 2 ounce) 

The Sugar scrub smells good enough to eat and the whipped shea is a magickal product that has produced  real results for a lot of satisified witches. 


We are also happy to offer three options of our limited ingredient (very popular)  Sun & Moon -  Basic Witch soap bar.  Choose one of our Sun and Moon Soaps with the options of :  

Option 1 - Moisturizing Triple Butter Bar, or  

Option 2 - The gentle Shea soap bar or

Option 3 - Our exfoliating Shea and Oatmeal bar (it genuinely exfoliates) !


Also included with the bundle is our Basic Witch -  Lip Balm that we know you will just love!

Also included is  an enchanted white (Best Selling )  Apple figure candle -

Hand poured with focused intentions of creating a Divine sense of well being ! 

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