Honor the line & summon your Ancestor Spirit guide for guidance and messages You provide your Cauldron or other fire proof burner All items have been Blessed and Empowered in salt & smoke and comes in a convenient Black sliding box made of recycled materialItems included:The Written Spell and instructions (Not depicted for privacy)1:Black Candle & Black ceramic candle holder 1: White Handcrafted all natural soy Spirit Skull tealight candle imbued with all natural Blue Sage Fragrance oil 1: 7 Gram vial of our Handcrafted Black Celtic Sea Salt1 : 13 Gram Bottle of our Spirit blend Scrying Herbs (Mugwort, White Sage & Witches Grass)1: Black Goose Feather3: Bamboo Charcoal tablets 1 :Black Onyx gemstone

Honor The Lineage Spell


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