Rising from our Cauldron like a Black Battle bird in honor of the Bean Sidhe, Celtic Goddess of Ravens, Battle & Sovereignty,
Celebrate the Queen Of The Fae with this Black salt blend.


With its dual Black salt Raven plume and Blessings You can cast Circles, use as threshold protection, ward off & banish negativity & can be used in a Bath ritual if dare!

You receive one 1/2 oz of Blended,Blessed and Empowered on our house Altar.


A combination of our True Black Salt, Red Alaya salt, fine Black salt, harm free collected Raven plume, red rose petals & black golden rimmed rose buds & essential oils.

Summon the Phantom Queen known as Morganna LeFey, Badb, Morigu, Macha, Epona Modron & a thousand others to aide your Magickal space!

The Morrighan Black Ceremony Salt 1/2 oz


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