Rants Of The Raven/Tarot Read🃏

Three card read for week of June 2nd 2019 to June 8th 2019

Past Present and Future

Card 1 The Past = Seven Of Cups Same card as last weeks past card so this choice is still being made.

Seven cups each filled with a golden manifestation of desire, float in an expanse of smoke and fog. A gleaming gold castle fills the background, a symbol of the heights that dreams can reach. The seven of cups calls for a time of imagination and creativity. Eventually these dreams will become goals.

Card 2 The Present = Eight Of Cups

A newborn baby octopus is about to leave its nest, embarking on its first adventure. It is alone in the cold darkness of the waters, and senses a simultaneous feeling of fear and excitement. It has outgrown its egg and clutch. This is the time to move on to new things, and while the unknown can be intimidating, it is also filled with new discoveries to be made.

Card 3 The Future = Nine Of Wands

The 9 is a sign to approach with caution. A history of problems can be a great lesson to form a better future, but it can also lead to unproductive distrust or the inability to cooperate.

Inherent in this card is the perseverance of the Wolf, it may have taken its fair share of blows but it is still standing and very capable of putting up a fight. There is still hope for recovery.

Stand firm in your beliefs.



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