Rants Of The Raven/Tarot Draw

Past Present and Future message for week from 5-26 to 6-1

Card 1 The Past = Seven of Cups

Fantasies, Daydreams, Illusions, Procrastination.

Seven cups, each filled with the golden manifestation of desire, float in an expanse of smoke and fog. A gleaming gold castle fills the background, a symbol of the heights that dreams can reach. The Seven Of Cups calls for a time of imagination and creativity. Eventually these dreams will become goals.

Card 2 The Present = Five Of Wands

Conflict, Competition, Rivaling, Annoyances

Five staves clash with each other, each struggling to gain the upper hand. Two shatter from the encounter, while a central staff seems to stand above the rest.

The Five Of Wands represents a fierce competition, sometimes to gain favor or gain a prize. The objective can be a workplace a political motivation, romantic interest or a sport. This card can also signify daily annoyances that seem to contribute to an overall feeling of defeat or loss of control.

Card 3 The Future = World

Wholeness, Completion, Wellness, Travel

A woman holds a perfect golden sphere in her arms,content and a peace with a newfound wholeness. She is surrounded by the four elements of Tarot: butterflies for Air, feathers for Fire, plants of the Earth, and fish of Water. Representing the facets of human knowledge, passion, physicality, and emotion respectively, they combine to represent a complete understanding of the human condition, it's motivations and it's pitfalls. The last card of the Major Arcana, this marks the conclusion of The Fool's journey and the abundance of insight gained. All seems right, and even the mistakes and struggles of life are accepted in a new light. She is now crowned by a victorious wreath and equipped to re-enter the circle with experience for the better. The World card may also signify a long and eye opening opportunity for travel. Blessed Be ~RavenwinD~ 🌛🌕🌜

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