Rants Of The Raven / Full Moon Devotional

The Moon it has inspired us with it's mystery and beauty for eons, and for eons Witches , Magi , Shaman and other Magickal folk have held Rituals and Ceremonies in her honor devoting themselves to follow her path. Her Path? What is that exactly? I like to call the Path of Witchcraft the Moonlit Path for she illuminates the darkness for those who chose to wander it. I hold a full Moon Ritual be it small or large private or sometimes live with others every Full Moon. It is called devotion, devotion to ones chosen spiritual path. Here at The Devine Craft we often get asked "I'm new and I don't even know where to begin at Witchcraft." You can read 1000 books on Witchcraft and still not know how or where to begin, most is fear driven "What if I mess up and invite something in my life or others that is negative or malicious?" Valid fear and also responsible of you to think that way. My advice is this eventually YOU will have to physically practice Witchcraft / Magick whatever your chosen tradition wishes to call it. So begin with self the books on Craft at least every single one I have read is correct, you must cleanse your Aura and energies with a good salt bath, some smoke from sage or palo santo or resins or incense. You also must clear and cleanse your belief system and way of thinking. We do this through meditation and visualization practices with crystals and herbs and oils and even yoga! So the absolute first thing you must do is believe!

Secondly you should adhere to the books you have read advice on protection, learn to cast and close a circle of power or other means of boundary protection. Wear your amulets and talismans of power. But most importantly BELEIVE in them as well. Choosing ones Path means YOU chose you did not seek permission from anyone. Guess what that means? That means you get to choose how you appear to others, your clothes your style your attitude. The only thing I suggest outside of this is be yourself fly your flag high but do so in reverence. I hope this rant helped in anyway possible. So this Full Moon take a salt bath cast a circle light a candle and devote yourself to your chosen Path! Many Blessings Stay true to yourself! ~RavenwinD~

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