🌛Magickal Self Care🌜

Being and Empath clairvoyant, Mystic or any Practitioner of Craft requires alot of self care. We are constantly using our Magickal energies and that is taxing.

Here are some self care tips just a friendly reminder that we cannot care for others if we cannot take care of ourselves.

⭐️Things to do everyday⭐️ 1. Drink water. Water is so important. It gives your clarity of the mind increases intuition and can help you fell as ease. It expels toxins from your body keeps the skin healthy and clean and it connects us to Mother Earth. You must drink water.

2. Exercise is an element of physical energy. Exercise is energy in motion and can help you de-stress and focus on your intention. And it keeps us strong you don't have to be go to the gym in shape but riding a bike going for a walk or hike etc. 3. Meditation is vital! You must learn to quiet and focus the mind at will. Do simple manifestation magick everyday. This doesn’t have to be an elaborate spell. You can simply ask for something to happen with a small chant and watch for the results. This will build your connection to the Universe and the God and Goddess divine feminine and masculine energy.

4. Cleansing is super important! Not only must we cleanse ourselves and our spaces but our energy field (Aura) as well. You can cleanse a space with salt or by burning incense resins or herbs in a cauldron or smudge and/or crystals and candles. The same goes for your energy field and self just add those same items to your Bath space and water.

4. Have fun Magick isn't always supposed to be solemn and serious. Schedule some things you enjoy doing!

Blessed Be



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