Imbolc/ St Brigid's Day

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

There are Sabbats in the Wheel of the year that here in North America can be considered underdogs, Imbolc could fall in that category. Don't get me wrong I love all the seasons and Sabbat's equally as well as respect and honor their symbolism for Celtic blood runs deep in my well. What I mean when I say underdog is there is not a big hype before it begins like say Samhain, Yule or Beltane and it's celebration can be overlooked. Imbolc is a time of celebration and ritual that often honor the Celtic Goddess Brighid, Goddess of Hearth and Forge. Other celebrations are known as St Brigid's Day and Candlemas and generally begin Feb 1 and 2. It is a celebration of the quickening of the light, a time when the tips of shoots of green grass begin to pierce the frost. The seeds deep within the Earth begin to unfurl unseen to man, robins, rabbits, squirrels and other animals begin to make their appearances.

The first awakenings of spring are apparent as flowers such as winter aconite and snowdrops begin to shoot upward. It is a time when we celebrate the Waking Light Of The Soul as we anticipate the rebirth of Nature. In Wicca it is the traditional time for initiation be it a new initiate in the Coven or a new degree of Priest/Priestess. Covens light Brigid's flame and induct new and rank up the elder members of their Covens.We welcome the Goddess in her Maiden form for she has shed Winters Crone skin and is reborn.

Bride or Brigid or Brighid known as the Goddess of healers poets, smiths childbirth and inspiration. She is the Goddess of home and hearth and forge and flame and is also a patron of warfare or (Briga) Her soldiers were known as Brigands and is where the word Brigades derives from. Brighid is a Triple or Tri Form Goddess and her worship was widespread through the Celts of Ireland to the highlands or Scotland. She was so revered among the Faerie and Pagan folk of the lands of Gaul that when the Christians conquered Scotland, Ireland and other parts of Europe they had no choice but to evangelize and grant Sainthood to her around 453 C.E. hence the title St Brigid. She is Tuatha Dé Danann daughter of the Celtic God and Goddess Dagda and Danu (an emanation of The Morrighan) and her name means "exalted one" other titles are Bright Flame and Mistress of the Mantle and Witch of the Wells. Three rivers are named for Her - Brigit, Braint and Brent in Ireland, Wales and England, respectively.

A St Brigid's cross is a tradition of crafting a cross (inspired by the Pagan sun wheel) made from rushes or straw and is displayed in the home hung by the door or from the rafters to protect the home from fire evil and hunger. It is a powerful ward that is still used to this day. There are many tutorials on how to craft your own online! Other symbols for Brigid are the cow the sun and flame a mantle or hearth and forge. It is said since Druidic times that the Earth Mother Goddess is born, lives dies and is reborn within the grain and it is sacred. Colors for Imbolc are Gold,Red, Yellow and Orange for it is a Solar celebration.

What we gave birth to at the winter Solstice begins to manifest, as we light our own light and come forth into the world we should nurture our resolutions and kindle our desires. Even though we remain in the dark seasons (until Beltane) we must ignite the spark of festival for the days shall grow longer and the nights warmer. Our intentions should be to keep her light burning bright.

"Blessed Blessed Brigid burning bright

Lead us through the dark of night

Triple Goddess of new light

Shine your flame on us tonight

Wise Guardian of the hearth

Bless our homes our lives our hearts

Keeper of the healing Light

Shine your light on us tonight

Shine on us in love and light

Sacred muse of poetry

Light our fire of creativity

Sing to us your sacred song

Lift our hearts to you tonight

Sacred flame of love and life

Blessed Brigid burning bright

Lady of Poetry,

Help our Souls to Sing

Lady of Smiths,

Make strong our resolve

Lady of Healing

Help our hearts to Open

So Mote It Be" ~Ravenwind ~

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