Full Blue Flower Moon in Scorpio

Stand strong in your darkness, this full moon is not for the faint of heart! Tonight's full moon in Scorpio is a perfect time to embrace your darker side. For those of you who are not Scorpios I wouldn't advise moon bathing to long this evening as the energy from this moon might be spiritually overwhelming especially to those who aren't experienced peering into the darker waters of their emotions and intuition. With Scorpios natural tendencies of debauchery coupled with the intense emotions of this fixed water sign fighting your natural urges tonight will be contradicting to this moons awesome dark energy.

Scorpio being the master of transformation and knowing fully about rising from the ashes of something old to create something newer, bolder more fulfilling to them will find this a perfect time to reach in to their deeper connections with the Divine and make those changes that might have previously been difficult for them. This is a perfect time to release old lifestyles and fully embrace your new path! If you have been struggling to let go of past hurts, so you can regain present power, this trans-formative moon will help you see between your blurred lines and even though the tonight moon might feel like you're swimming in very deep waters , if you just tread through the intense feelings you will come out so much stronger on the other side.

Let your hair down tonight , take the ritual bath , light the black candle and embrace the light of Luna..


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