Rants Of The Raven/Beltane

Aahhh the Rites of Summer. Fire season season of the Sun, it is a time of lustful satyrs and sensual Nymphs.  Beltane is all about desire prosperity  abundance  fertility  and sex lots and lots of sex!!

On or around 1st May in the northern hemisphere and 1st November in the southern, Beltane represents the beginning of Summer or the height of Spring. It is thought that the ancients only recognised two seasons, these being Summer and Winter. Beltane is the time when the Earth is literally buzzing with fertility. Life springs forth in all of its richness, and the land is covered with beautiful flowers; the freshly opened leaves of the trees are a quality of green that they only show at this time of year. 

At Beltane the Lady of the Land takes the hand of the Horned God. Some celebrate Beltane on the dates given above, whilst others look to the flowers of the May tree as their signal that Beltane has, at last, arrived. Beltane meaning ‘bright fire’ or ‘lucky fire’ is held on May 1st celebrates the start of summer, the crop and pasturing season. Although scholars are non-commital, many believe Beltane honors the ancient continental Celtic sun and healer God, Belenus who was known widely in Northern Italy, south-eastern Gaul, Nordicum and south-west Britain. 

Belenus name is believed to have meant ‘Brilliant’ or ‘Bright’ one. In modern Irish Bealtaine is still the name given to the month of May. 

Belenus and Belenos means "the Shining God". He was worshipped as a "Sun God" by the Celts across Continental Europe, Britain and Ireland and is regarded by modern historians as a common Celtic god. 

So this Beltane light a Red candle on your Altar throw on your favorite  song about the Sun or Fire and do a sexy dance in a sunbeam. Beltane Blessings  may your fire burn brightest!



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