Rant's Of The Raven/ Sunday Fun day

Sunday in Paganism is a day of recharging. I don't do spell work on Sunday unless it is meditations to recharge or maybe some potion drinking. On your Sunday try to do something in the Sun, be it hanging by the pool gardening or hiking a trail. Take some of your Sun crystals outside and let them charge in the magnificent life giving rays. A few suggestions for Sun related crystals are orange Carnelian, orange Citrine, and red or orange Jasper. Maybe create a Sun altar to a deity  such as Horus Or Helios or a Goddess  such as Aine. 

 Plants and flowers that represent the Sun wheat golden wheat and grains, and of course the Sunflower! So spend some time in the Sun today relax throw some Grapefruit, Sweet Orange and Cinnamon essential Oil's in the diffuser grab your favorite beverage and just chill in the golden Orange ray's and recharge for all your new Magickal working's this week! Blessed Be ~RavenwinD~


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