Rants Of The Raven/Samhain

Aaahhhh Samhain (pronounced Saw~When) meaning Summers End. All Hallows Eve also known as the Witches New Year. For 24 hours the Veil between the world of Man and the Netherworld of Spirits is lifted and spirits both fair and malevolent roam free on our Earthly Plane.

It is a time of reflection to look back upon last years Fall Winter and Spring and Summer and to count our blessings from our Manifestation's. It is also a time of connection when we connect through Divination and peering into the spirit world and we walk with our lost loved ones and and Anscestor's. It is a time to summon our Dieties and Spirit guides and heed their messages.

In Celtic Pagan Lore tonight our Lord The Oak King retreats to the womb of the Mother after battling his Dark Brother The Holly King and suffering a wounding blow. His reign ends and The Holly Kings begins until the Oak King is reborn on the Winter Solstice.

The Lord and Lady separate and become The Dark God and his concubine The Dark Goddess( Winter comes because the Sun moves further from the Earth)

It is a time of festival's and children dressing in costume's and trick or treating. But it is also a time to prepare for Winter is coming, the leaves have changed and now litter the ground. There is a chill in the Air that turns your breath to Evanescence. Plants and trees have died and returned to the mother for their cold slumber. The animals are scarce and wary. It is a time that has always instilled fear into the hearts of our ancestors for we are surrounded by cold and death.

So upon this Hallowed night take stock of your wares count your blessings and walk with your Anscestor's to assure yourself the most comfortable Winter possible and may the Spirits Be Fair.

Blessed Samhain



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